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Under early development. Plans for premium custom plugins along with a beautiful map! Looking for applicants! Project stage - Planning/Recruiting
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 DanMachi-MC Announcment!!

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PostSubject: DanMachi-MC Announcment!!   Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:44 pm


Today is the first official announcement of DanMachi-MC! Happy This project has been planned by myself and progress has been generally slow with programming so I've decided to go public with a forum. As of today, the forum is still under heavy development, (yes it's a free forum) and I am going to explain the plans for my project.

What will it be??:

DanMachi-MC will be a Minecraft server based off the growing, popular anime Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? or Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka as some may call it. (Aka: DanMachi) If you don't know what that is, it's basically Japanese cartoons.

How this is different from all other anime servers:
Most of us here have all played anime servers. They get boring. Please. Just because you slap the name Angel Beats on a server *cough* omcolorful *cough* and make no effort on actually bothering to try to make decent plugins for game play doesn't mean you have a good server. (Sure you have guns, swords, and bullet deflection that basically is just setting damage to 0, but really?) I plan to make an extensive questing system that will ACTUALLY be rewarding to the player and not completely pointless. You won't just be overpowered just because your gear says a fancy PROTECTION X on it. Skills will be saving your butt a lot of times you wouldn't imagine. If I can get a few good people to help me build the most fantastic anime Minecraft server ever, that would be my dream.

Why I've gone public:

I've gone public for one reason. I can't make this project alone! As for the current progress, at least half or more of the server is planned to be custom coded. Applications will explain the process of what positions I need to help with the process. Right now, I only need one person for each position as the minimum for progress. I will be handling programming, but that is the most time consuming part since I am not extremely experienced with Bukkit Dev even with Java being my strongest programming language. (In other words I'm a slow programmer)
What will be in the beta test release:

Angry I still am not completely sure what will be in the beta, but I do have goals for alpha:

1. Partially completed town built along with dungeon including 10 floors.

2. Include increasingly difficult monsters per floor.

3. Have a basic stats and skill system.

4. Player shops and NPC shops. (Food, Wares, Gear)

5. Have a moderate familia grouping system.

6. Introduce a system of collecting magic stones in order to trade for Valis. (Currency)

7. Basic questing system with some decency.

8. Possible usage of NPC combat.

9. Dueling.

10. Basics of the resource pack.

11. Beginning of familia bases.

12. NPC Gods and Goddess' or real player ones.

13. Skill and strategy related combat (Ex: Armor ignorant magic and numbers) over OP gear.

14. Soloing will be EXTREMELY difficult. Party systems and familia runs will be beginning.

15. Lot's of custom plugins. Overjoy

This is still all just planned! Some things may be brought in much later while others worked on a lot earlier. (Depending on later polls and community base)
Once a decent amount has been created, a YouTube channel on team progress will begin!

Comment below any questions, concerns, feelings, and/or thoughts on this project!
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DanMachi-MC Announcment!!
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