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Under early development. Plans for premium custom plugins along with a beautiful map! Looking for applicants! Project stage - Planning/Recruiting
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________________________________________________________________________________ DanMachi-MC Terms & Conditions: Creating a mass amount of accounts will lead to an IP ban. Please do not do this as this is the reason why we collect your IP. In no way will we use your IP for malicious reasons or distributing to others. This is solely to disrupt the process of spam accounts, and create an enjoyable environment in our forums. _______________________________________________________________________________________
  • By pressing "I agree" you agree to the following:
    • A moderator may move or delete any posts for any reason.
    • You will not post any explicit content.
    • You will not advertise not included or limited to: Forums, products, Minecraft servers, etc.
    • Your account may be terminated or modified at any time for any reason.
    • You will not create multiple accounts unless allowed.
    • Spamming in any form or manner will not be tolerated.
    • Any other rules that are added will include you or the user as well.
    • We will collect your IP for security purposes and that only. (As stated above)