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Under early development. Plans for premium custom plugins along with a beautiful map! Looking for applicants! Project stage - Planning/Recruiting
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 Update - 9/11/15

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PostSubject: Update - 9/11/15   Fri Sep 11, 2015 11:43 pm

We have begun working on the general coding of the server. Early on, we plan to use outside plugins partially, but as the project grows we hope to have at least 90% of the plugin usage to be custom. This excludes necessary plugins such as World Edit.

As for beta, the current plan is to have 10 floors going down into the dungeon. There will be no teleportation and a temporary safe haven on an extra 11th floor. This will always be one floor under the last one until the 25th. I do this because the experience as the anime/manga is best to be held closely on the lore and dungeon. For statistics, we will be adding in all the ones you see in the anime and manga. The way they will work is still undecided. The way leveling will work will be highly similar as to DanMachi. This may change depending on the general community.

As to our staff team, we currently are a team of 3. Our biggest necessity at the moment are builders. Anyone who enjoys building and wants to contribute to making the map can apply! We need at the minimum, the dungeon, and a spawn for implementing the experience of the dungeon.

Posts will continue regularly on updates as long as the project moves on. If the project ever ends or is postponed, an update will let you know on the forum.
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Update - 9/11/15
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